Mezra Forfaiting

Your international trade finance solution.

We are a London based forfaiting company established in 1994. We specialise in sourcing export finance, for those 'difficult' markets, on behalf of our client base of exporters, and international trade finance professionals.

Forfaiting - non recourse international trade finance

Check out how this proven method of providing fixed rate finance for export transactions can help you increase your overseas sales. In recent years it has assumed an important role for exporters, who desire cash instead of deferred payments - especially from countries where protection against credit, economic and political risks has become a greater priority. Forfaiting goes beyond credit insurance cover provided by government and private institutions, which usually require partial risk retention by the exporter, and which delay payments in the event of the exporter's default. In particular if you need international trade finance, we can provide cash at the time of shipment, and on a non recourse basis.

Forfaiting Calculations

Download our acclaimed free spreadsheet, to assist with DTYCSA discount calculations for international trade finance.

Trade Finance

We are also able to help with Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance solutions for imports into the UK and USA.
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